Last night I was doing decoupage and while I was gluing I was thinking…

I was thinking of a conversation I had with other mums about how our children can’t even imagine life without the Internet. The answer, “I don’t know” is completely unacceptable and met with a, “Well, Google it and find out then!”

My generation spent our childhoods without a world of information on our parents iPhones  – if my parents didn’t know something they just made it up. However, we have adopted and integrated it into our lives and businesses in a way that we now can’t live without it. I am one of the Luddites that still prefers to physically see and feel before buying clothes or shoes but I do grocery shopping online, when I want to know something I Google and when I want to make something I head to YouTube. Books are quickly becoming a pleasure item rather than a necessity for information.

Then I started thinking what will happen when the Internet breaks, I mean actually stops working rather than when everyone looks at Kim Kardashian pulling a moonie. Just take a moment to imagine it (not Kim’s bum, that’s too easy). In a time where chip shops have Facebook pages and you can follow cats on Twitter what happens if the Internet just stops?

First the shock as the world’s money markets go into meltdown, medical information suddenly inaccessible, everyone looking up from their phones on the train as if woken from a witch’s spell. Then the panic – how will I do my job? How will we get paid? What has Zoella bought from Primark today?

With these thoughts spinning in my head I try and remember the ingredients and method for the perfect lemon cup cakes on the BBC website and can’t. Who am I fooling if the Internet stopped what would we eat? The deliveries for supermarkets, the cash registers, shift patterns – they all rely on this technology working. I look at my vegetable patch and wonder how long it could sustain my family and quickly look up the instructions of how to make plant food from leaves on the Gardener’s World website and commit it to memory. Tomorrow I’ll take the kids to the common to collect comfrey and try and point out things that they could eat in a crisis. I picture myself as a sort of Sarah Connor from Terminator 2 giving my children the skills to survive in a harsh and brutal future – but without the amazing muscle tone and with bags of nettles instead of an arsenal of semi automatic weaponry.

Vinyl is making a come back and people are buying books like Deliciously Ella despite it all being available in two clicks. Is there an underlying feeling in the global subconscious that this thing that is ‘for everyone’ just can’t last forever? Am I just thinking too much? Does anyone else think about this kind of stuff? Should I go and join those people living underground in Arizona? One thing is for sure, in the future, before using my decoupage glue I will make sure the room is properly ventilated.

If you want to see what I made go to Whack it with a Hammer.

I think this is comfrey?

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